COVID-19: Steps We’re Taking

The situation regarding coronavirus (C0VID-19) continues to evolve, and we want to share with you the most recent actions we are taking to protect the well-being of the M&P Specialty community: our clients, colleagues, and carriers.

Specifically, here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • Business operations continue – Based on guidance we’ve received and increased measures we’ve taken to keep our office and grounds clean and safe, we are operating in our offices as well as remotely with full functionality. We encourage the use of email and direct contact with your account manager and broker. A complete list of empolyees is below.
  • We are implementing social distancing measures, which means M&P employees who are equipped and able to work from home have been instructed to do so. This will make our offices safer for those who are not able to work from home, as there will be fewer people on site.
  • We are encouraging all client meetings be conducted remotely via telephone or remote meeting technology. 

People and Partnerships Are What’s Important

We know you have similar concerns for your staff, customers and families. We wish you the best as you navigate through this challenging situation. We stand ready to assist in any way possible.

Thank you for the patience and trust you place in us. We are closely monitoring this situation as it develops, and our response evolves as the situation changes. Be assured that we are staying on top of the information and recommendations from federal agencies and health organizations, and we will keep you informed of our actions. 


M&P Specialty Leadership Team

Employee Directory

Employee   Direct Number Extension Email
Atkinson John 803-888-1726 1726 [email protected]
Auckland Laura 803-602-1881 1881 [email protected]
Beall Michael 803-603-6655   [email protected]
Franks Melody 803-602-0475 0475 [email protected]
Hamilton April 803-542-4490   [email protected]
Jeffords Nick 803-602-0467 0467 [email protected]
Jones  Patty 803-602-0465 0465 [email protected]
McElrath Dave 803-603-2888   [email protected]
McElrath Jason 803-603-2887 0483 [email protected]
McElrath Amy 803-602-0477 0477 [email protected]
Middleton Jackie 803-602-0471 0471 [email protected]
Miller Aaron 803-726-9291 9291 [email protected]
Morris Linda 803-602-0487 0487 [email protected]
Penn Mike 803-602-0479 0479 [email protected]
Posey Grayson 803-888-1725 1725 [email protected]
Posey Matt 803-888-1727 1727 [email protected]
Pursell Jay 803-602-0485 0485 [email protected]
Thompson Kathy 803-602-0473 0473 [email protected]

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